French DJ & Producer

Deep To Techno

SOUNDROSE @ HOTEL C2, Marseille – 19 Octobre

Maxime Bouchard, aged 22, born in the south of France, passionate about music since 10 years. Maxime has acquired a taste for electronic music through live views of artists. He decided to create his own character and give all his will in the music.

Soundrose revision

Under the stage name “SoundRose” conducted by Deep House and House Music. The melody and harmony married a catchy bass. SoundRose has worked as a DJ since the age of 16, began to mix for evenings in high places in Marseille, until now, has the chance to become known in Paris and Nice. Music production is his current occupation. It is in order to be able to produce, create and deepen his musical knowledge with ambitious and motivated artists to allow a constant exchange and mix musical tastes and to create small wonders.